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Second session of fall classes are underway.   Spring sessions begin in February.


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Our Classes


Engage with your new puppy to develop a bond and a foundation for training to come

Therapy Dog

Prepare for the therapy dog certification test through the organization of your choice

Scent Work

A positive, challenging activity that allows dogs to use their strongest sense - smell


Obedience foundation and manners through competition-level obedience and rally


Introduction to flyball


Learn from beginner foundations through competition-ready agility, for dogs 1 year+

Disc Dog

A frisbee dog sport involving distance catching and choreographed freestyle catching

Trick Dog

Have fun with your dog, strengthen bonds, and learn to communicate more clearly

Nose Games

Fun and mentally stimulating games using your dog's sense of smell.

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Join us for our monthly meetings for social fun, event planning, and various dog activities! We meet around 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of every month.

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Treasurer and Membership
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Training Director
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Vice President/Webmaster
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Member at Large
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