Rules and Guidelines for the SU Dog Sports Field

We are thrilled to offer a grassy, fully fenced-in outdoor field with a port-a-potty and stocked with agility, rally and obedience equipment for our members’ use. We appreciate you taking time to read through our rules, fees and guidelines so we can continue to offer these great benefits! We rely on things like members courtesy, cooperation, field fees and donations to keep our club running smoothly. 

Thank you for your participation and consideration in using our field and equipment!

  • Only SUDS members, instructors, class participants and invitees without dogs are allowed on the practice field after signing a waiver.  All others must remain outside the fence due to liability issues.
  • To use the SUDS field other than during scheduled classes, user must be an Active Member as described in the Bylaws, Article I, and have been a member for at least three months. Members must be current on field fees.
  • To practice obedience or rally, a member must have completed a basic obedience or rally course, or taught an obedience or rally course.
  • To practice agility and have use of the equipment, a member must have completed two agility courses or taught an agility course at SUDS. A two-person minimum is required to use contact obstacles (for safety).
  • SUDS must receive notification of every event or activity held on the field. 
  • All members wanting to host an open or Closed practice are asked to notify Heidi Folks at (435) 429-8608 or at least 24 hours prior to desired use of the field in order to get it on the calendar. Requests made less than 24 hours in advance are not guaranteed a response time quick enough to hold their practice. Users must sign in on the log sheet, but the host of the practice does not pay field fees.
  • Members wanting to use the field for practice on a drop-in basis must contact LeAnn Sawyer at (843) 992-2699 or Terry Cochran at (541) 254-0027 by phone or text to make notification. Users must sign in on the log sheet and pay the appropriate field fees. 
  • The SUDS field is limited to structured practices for obedience, rally, agility, scent and approved dog sports.
  • Requests made in advance can be made for ‘open’ or ‘closed’ practices. If a practice is an ‘open’ practice, any SUDS member may attend. The member requesting the practice may specify level of ability, i.e. “show-ready or competition level agility”, “beginner agility”, etc. If the practice is a ‘closed’ practice, the field is reserved solely for the member requesting the practice.
  • ‘Open’ practice means any SUDS member can attend-  As a practice host, YOU are responsible for running the practice and creating a fun environment. You may request a specific ability level such as “Show-Ready” or “Beginner Agility.” You MUST notify SUDS in the event you cannot make your practice, as others may be counting on you to be at the field. 
  • ‘Private’ practice is a private practice solely for you and your dog(s).  If you wish to use the field privately on a regular basis, take advantage of our monthly discount! See the Field Fees page for more info!

Dog Rules

  • Dogs must enter and exit the field on leash. Keep control of your dog at all times.
  • Ask others before letting your dog approach. Not all dogs are friendly or welcoming to other people/dogs.
  • All dogs must be crated with doors/zippers closed when not actively participating in a field activity
  • Please clean up after your dog. Take all trash with you. Check corners, etc. If you see it- you own it!
  • If a dog eliminates on the field, spray the area with a vinegar/water solution (provided for you in our shed).
  • All dogs must be current on Rabies vaccine or have a valid Titer test.

Clean Up Guidelines

If you reserve the field- please be aware YOU are responsible for the field and equipment. 

Please help the next user to have a pleasant experience!

  • Please clear all portable equipment from the grass.
  • Put all other equipment back into the shed where it was found.
  • Put any used cones back in numerical order
  • Close the shed doors, port-a-potty and field gate. Lock all locks on sheds and gate with the combos upright and readable. Spin the locks for safety and double-check for security.