Your 2023 - 2024 Board Of Directors

SUDS strives to have 7 Board Members at all times and Elections happen every August. Board Members serve a 2 year term, with their position on the board to have the ability to change each year (ex: One can serve on the board for 2 years, but only be President for 1 year).
We strive to keep our Board ever changing, but we don’t want new board members to be completely in the dark upon the start of their term. To solve this issue, our members terms are on alternating years. On even numbered years, 4 terms will be up for elections (4 new board members) and on odd years the other 3 terms will be up for elections. This means we have new people joining our team each year, but some members also stay on the team to help make the transition of duties and introduction to policies/procedures as fluid as possible.

Officer Descriptions/Duties

President: Preside over all meetings/activities, including making agendas, and shall exercise general supervision over the clubs affairs.

Vice President: Assumes the duties of the President in their absence.

Secretary: Records all meeting notes and sends to board for approval

Treasurer: Records all financial transactions and receives all club funds and distribute accordingly.

Board Member at large: Serves as member on board and helps with duties in absences of other members.

President: LeAnn Sawyer

LeAnn has been training and showing dogs for 30+ years. She has competed and titled dogs in obedience, rally, confirmation, flyball and agility. She is a certified evaluator for Therapy Dogs International, Inc., and AKC's Canine Good Citizens, and a member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers). She also enjoys hiking and kayaking with her dog Charlie.

Vice-President: Polly Pierce

I started in dogs in 1972, with Alaskan malamutes. I put a Champion on one female and a C.D. on another. I got my 1st Aussie in the mid 1980s and never looked back. I raised 2 guide dog puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind, both became working guides. I am a founding member of SUDS, holding several positions in the early years, president, secretary, and newsletter senderouter. I was also secretary for our first NADAC/ASCA trial. I started serious agility in 2000 with “Cracker” in NADAC and AKC and achieved several upper level titles. “Willow” is my 2nd agility dog with upper level ASCA titles, ASCA Rally Excellent title, and an ASCA Nationals Finals 4th place Novice​ O bedience award. “Elka” is my current project and is competing in ASCA and​ N ADAC, legs but no titles.

Secretary: Gail Schilling

I am a semi-retired nurse. My husband and I moved to St George last November from Northern California where we lived for 14 years. Prior to that, I lived in Yuma Arizona-so I am no stranger to hot summers. We love the area and were excited to see that there was an organization like SUDS here. As an older couple with an active breed dog, being part of this organization, I feel I can expose my dog to many options as well as socialize with other pet owners. I look forward to participating with my dog in more of the training activities that are offered here.

Treasurer/Membership: Dawna Drake

My name is Dawna Drake and I am one of the original members of SUDS. A small group of us in So. Utah actually began training, showing and traveling together in about ‘81 and formally organized SUDS in the early ‘90’s. I was instrumental in securing the training field for club use and have served the club in various capacities. I have put numerous titles on my dogs in conformation, obedience, flyball, agility, dock diving and scent work. I also did therapy dog visits. I am currently owned by a 2 1⁄2 year old Aussie named Ellie. After several years of limited involvement with SUDS I am looking forward to the future of what SUDS has to offer its members.

Member at Large: Emily Long

I have been training dogs for many years, but do not show them. My current dog is a Moyen Poodle with a lot of energy and attitude.

Member at Large: Terry Cochran

Terry has seven years experience with Curry county search and rescue in Oregon where she led the K-9 unit and her dogs were certified in Wilderness Air and Cadaver search.