Your 2019-2020 Board Of Directors

SUDS strives to have 7 Board Members at all times and Elections happen every August. Board Members serve a 2 year term, with their position on the board to have the ability to change each year (ex: One can serve on the board for 2 years, but only be President for 1 year).
We strive to keep our Board ever changing, but we don’t want new board members to be completely in the dark upon the start of their term. To solve this issue, our members terms are on alternating years. On even numbered years, 4 terms will be up for elections (4 new board members) and on odd years the other 3 terms will be up for elections. This means we have new people joining our team each year, but some members also stay on the team to help make the transition of duties and introduction to policies/procedures as fluid as possible.

Officer Descriptions/Duties

President: Preside over all meetings/activities, including making agendas, and shall exercise general supervision over the clubs affairs.

Vice President: Assumes the duties of the President in their absence.

Secretary: Records all meeting notes and sends to board for approval

Treasurer: Records all financial transactions and receives all club funds and distribute accordingly.

Board Member at large: Serves as member on board and helps with duties in absences of other members.

President: Keith Jackson

I am new to both the St George area and dog sports.  After buying a home outside St George my wife and I decided to adopt a dog.  We found Brisby (a Red Heeler) at RSQ Dogs and signed him up for obedience hoping to try him in agility.  We all enjoy the sport and the bonding it gives us.  He's a much faster learner than I but we are having fun.  We will hopefully start competing in NADC and/or AKC events.

Vice President: Kris Brown

I have been a member of SUDS for five years. I have served as president, vice president and also fulfill the duties of Social Secretary – sending out cards, updating the “Welcome Letter” to new members, and putting together the new member packet. I have assisted with lawn maintenance at the field, adjusting sprinklers, etc. Our membership has grown the past several years and we have many active new members. We have had agility demos, an agility seminar, invited speakers to our meetings, and enjoyed fun times with our four-legged friends. I have three Border Collies and an Australian Cattle Dog and compete in AKC and NADAC agility trials, titling dogs in both venues. I moved to St. George from Yakima, Washington and have a twenty-five year history of training Thoroughbred and AQHA race horses in the Pacific Northwest. I work from home as a legal transcriptionist. I’ve enjoyed SUDS and the many friends I’ve met and new adventures that keep coming up!

Training Director: Open

Treasurer: Heidi Folks

Heidi has been a SUDS member since January 2014 when Moki, their miniature Australian Shepherd, enrolled in puppy class. In August 2015 she was elected to the board and became treasurer in August 2016. Heidi has both a BA and MS in mathematics and taught both college-level dance and math. Currently Moki is a therapy dog and is working toward agility titles with 6 Q’s to her credit.

Secretary: Summer Hampy

I was born and raised here in St George. As a young girl I loved dogs. I spent all of my free time researching dog breeds, walking neighborhood dogs, and pretending to be a dog, haha. Even back then I loved powerful breeds like shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans. Then my parents surprised me with a beagle puppy one Christmas. I loved that dog, but could never quite train her the way I imagined that I would. Throughout my teenage and young adult years I owned pit bulls, Boston terriers, a boxer, and a chihuahua. I watched a lot of training shows and videos, but never felt confident with my training skills. I did always think that I would be a veterinarian, but plans changed as I went through life. I worked as a veterinarian technician at Red Hills Animal Hospital for 5 years, before staying home to raise 3 boys, and really enjoyed my time there. Recently my husband and I discovered and fell in love with mini Aussies, we now have four. I have been so glad to find SUDS and have enjoyed learning all that I can about training dogs in general as well as how to get into dog sports. Now that my oldest mini Aussie is getting old enough to compete in sports I look forward to working with her more and hopefully earning some titles

At large: Jeannie Griffith

I first met our Fabulous SUDS Instructors last fall, when I brought my first Puppy to an obedience class. Having a puppy was an entirely different experience for me, as I had only ever had Adult dogs. And I found I had lots more to learn than the puppy! (I’m still learning!) As I became acquainted with the various members of the SUDS Board and the Class Instructors, I found their insights and kindness to be Life Enhancing. All of them are so supportive, positive and encouraging that I decided I would like to become a part of this fantastic group of people. I am running as a Board Member at Large, where I will be able to assist SUDS in various ways. Thank you for your support.

At large: Kirsten Reeve

My husband and I moved to St George 5 years ago to escape the cold and be closer to family. We have a 1 year old standard poodle named Brixie. She is very sweet and playful, and has been a great companion to our 8 year old daughter. We were happy to find SUDS and are excited to learn more about the different opportunities there are.