SU Dog Sports Membership Benefits

Our membership ranges from first time dog owners to professional dog trainers. Everyone is welcome!

Note: Classes are open to the public too (non-members pay full price- become a member and save)!

Individual  Membership for 19+ years and older.
1 Year $20  

Junior  Membership up to 18 years and older and does not include voting rights.
1 Year $20 

Family  Membership for all family members who reside inside the same home.
1 Year $30  

Supporting   Open to person(s) who wish to support the club.  This does not include voting rights.
1 Year $20  

Business  Open to any business wishing to support the club and gain knowledge for themselves and their employees!! Up to five (5) employees with active memberships (does not include voting rights).

1 Year $50  

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PO Box 2949
St George, UT  84771