Nose Work

Nose Work is an introduction to nose work (aka scent work) and beyond. It is a fun search and scenting activity which builds confidence and focus in dogs. This type of activity allows a dog to do what they do well and any dog can enjoy the sport.  This class is those just starting out, those who just completed the nose games course, and those who want to compete.

Bring a crate for your dog and a chair for yourself!

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Nose Work - 6 weeks

The Details

Class Limit: This class is full

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Where:  2760 Vineyard Drive, Santa Clara, UT 84765 (SUDS field)


$100 for members; $120 for new members and includes membership.

Class size is limited so register early!

*Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment required

Dogs must be up to date on Rabies vaccine

No Aggressive Dogs 

Registration for this session is closed as this class is full. 

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Where:  2760 Vineyard Drive, Santa Clara, UT 84765 (SUDS field)

No Aggressive Dogs 

*Pre-Registration and Pre-Payment required


Successful completion of an obedience class is always helpful but not required.   Dogs should have a good recall.

Class Description

This is a fun class for you and your dog to learn games.  It gives your dog extra physical stimulation and is a great activity for any dog, young or old.   It builds confidence.  It gives your dog a job to do and makes them feel useful and is fun and rewarding.  It also gives you a great chance to bond with your dog.  Dogs thrive when they are given tasks to do.

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After signing up with the instructor, payment may be made by Venmo to Southern Utah Dog Sports or by check mailed to 

P.O. Box 2949, St. George, UT  84771-2949.  

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